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About Dakine:

Born in the waters of Maui, raised in the mountains of Oregon; Dakine doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to giving their customers more time outdoors. Built on the idea of respect for Mother Nature and the relationship with those who engage with her, Dakine aims to create durable, high-quality products via recycled, environmentally friendly materials.

Taking it back to a simpler time like 1979, friends would often go to Dakine founder, Rob Kaplan, for gear repairs. From there, Kaplan started creating sturdier adjustable ankle leashes and windsurfing harnesses. Not only did this help keep windsurfers more stable on the water but it also helped them stay out for longer periods of time.

Nowadays, Dakine offers products across a variety of activities, but it’s not just for sport. If you’re in the market for a new place to store your school books, wallet or twenty rubber chickens, Dakine backpacks come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Key features often include padded laptop sleeves to keep your laptop safe along with breathable shoulder straps so that you don’t show up to class with a sweaty back when you’re late.

While we’re at it, Dakine also has you covered on any of your luggage needs. Ranging from 25L to 110L, Dakine luggage makes it easily transportable with wheels and retractable handles. They also make it easily packable with mesh dividers and split level designs. Whether you’re packing for a quick trip to the cabin or a two week long trip to Bora Bora, Dakine backpacks and luggage have your back.