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About Cycling Vests:

I would like to inform you that you are in the virtual presence of greatness. Take a minute to prepare because I'm about to throw down some jaw-dropping information: I was the No.1 girl scout in my girls scout troop -- best in class, best in town and possibly the best in the world. If you need a minute to process this information, I understand. I had that girl scout vest covered in so many badges, I had to buy two vests. Everything from fishing, knot tying, remote finding, and hide-and-go-seek badassness, was on those vests and it was inspiring (for everyone in a 50 foot radius of me). Sadly, that vest was the peak of my accomplishments, but I will not be a "has-been", I'm looking into joining a girl scouts' alumni organization as you read.

Now, you're probably really jealous that I had this awesome girl scout's vest and you didn't. Don't worry; I get it all the time. But hey, you don't have to be out of a badass vest for long because Moosejaw carries awesome vests for bicycling from some of the top companies in the industry. You'll be really glad to have a vest for bicycling, trust me. Cycling vests can help keep your body insulated while riding your bike, so that your core body is warm during chilly rides. My girls scout vest didn't keep me warm, it just disintegrated every time I washed it. I promise your cycling vest won't ruin under the slightest touch of water.

Even better though, cycling vests can prevent you from getting hit by cars. That's a really important point you know, to not get hit by cars. Studies show people who don't get hit by cars live longer, and we here at Moosejaw are all about keeping you safe. In order to keep you safe, Moosejaw carries special reflective cycling vests that increase your visibility to other motorists and pedestrians while you bike ride. I find reflective cycling vests for bike riding to be especially useful at night or a dark bar.

So, if you want a quality vest from one of the many awesome brands Moosejaw carries, we have got you covered. If you're still thinking about my amazing girl scout vest(s) though, I assure you, you're a lot better off with a bicycle vest for riding your bike. Not only can you get it in many different colors at Moosejaw, but it's also made from comfortable material so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a box while bicycling. I seriously recommend that you just wear your cycling vest all times even; a vest of honor, just like my girl scouts' one.