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About Cycling Socks

Give your feet what they deserve by investing in some high-quality cycling socks. After all, you spent a ton of time and money on selecting the perfect bicycle and its various components such as pedals, chains, and saddles. Why not do the same for your feet? Moosejaw carries a wide selection of cycling socks to keep you comfortable and blister-free mile after mile. From Smartwool merino wool socks to Darn Tough Vermont performance socks, they’ll provide an impressive foot-hugging fit without hindering your ride.

The best biking socks take into account the demands of your discipline. Whether you’re an avid road bike or a thrill-seeking mountain biker, sports socks offer so much more than your standard cotton ones. These socks have superior wicking properties, the merino wool styles especially. They’re able to draw sweat and moisture away from your skin so you’re not dealing with damp and uncomfortable feet. If you love winter cycling then look for socks with thermal qualities. Almost the opposite of wicking, they trap air next to your skin to provide a layer of warmth that is essential when you’re exercising in frigid weather.

Additional cycling socks features include extra padding in the heel area, ankle bands made from silicon to prevent bunching and sagging, and stretch panels to move with every pedal forward. They’re available in a variety of cuts, long, mid and low to meet your specific coverage needs. From waterproof, insulated socks for winter biking to lightweight and short for warm summer rides, there is a pair for everyone at Moosejaw.