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About Indoor Cycling Shoes and Bike Shoes:

There are two main types of cycling shoes: ones that are made for regular bike pedals and ones that are specially designed for clipless pedals. If you’re a beginner or a leisurely rider, we recommend bike shoes for regular, flat pedals. These shoes generally look like sporty sneakers but don’t be fooled by their looks. They’re chock full of features that not only help with pedaling but they also protect your feet. Casual cycling shoes have grippy rubber soles for grasping pedals with ease while super strong uppers can handle scrapes and scratches if you go for a jaunt off your bike. Plus, their closure systems are easy on and off which bodes well for when you’re sporting gloves.

Clipless pedal cycling shoes are loved by serious road cyclists and avid mountain bikers. This is because they lock into the bike’s pedals, similar to step-in ski bindings, providing a seamless flow of movement from your feet to the bicycle. Not only does this improve aerodynamics but it also helps to conserve energy as your legs are guided by efficient pedal strokes. Plus, clipless pedal shoes have stiff soles to reduce foot flexing allowing for more energy to be transferred to the pedals rather than wasted on your feet.

If you’re on a strict budget don’t worry about buying the most expensive bike shoes. You can absolutely get by on a pair that is moderately priced. Usually, the higher the price means you’ll get lighter weight with more durability. Moosejaw has a wide selection of cycling shoes to meet you at every price point. Whether you’re a spin class diehard or you love to tear up the trails, these bike shoes are great for indoor and outdoor use. Give your pedal some power this season with a pair of the best bike shoes around.