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About Cycling Overboots and Shoe Covers:

Keep saturated socks and soggy laces at bay this season with some of the best cycling shoe covers on the market. Extend your riding season safely this year with the assistance of bike overshoes. Don’t wait around for perfect weather. Get outside and get after it without having to suffer through miserable conditions as a result of poor cycling gear. Gore Wear, Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi and more have designed mind-bending shoe accessories to help you reach peak performance.

Don’t be confused by the similarities in size and shape. Overshoes are available in a few different styles, each with specific characteristics for specific uses. Winter shoe covers are made from the same material as wetsuits. This thick neoprene offers the best in insulation and protection. It’s waterproof and windproof, making these thermal shoe covers excellent for bike rides in cold, wet weather. Insanely durable, reinforced rubber soles are no match for snow and slush while neoprene cuffs help prevent any infiltration from the elements.

Conversely, lightweight overshoes are best for times when you don’t need thick, insulated protection. Unlike their thermal cousin, these shoe covers are breathable and are great for muddy spring days or rainy fall rides where the weather isn’t freezing but you still need some coverage. They’re typically made from stretchy fabric such as Lycra and come with windproof and waterproof coatings all without overheating your feet. Lightweight road overshoes are an excellent shield against mud, muck, and rain. Plus, they help to extend the life of your cycling shoes by keeping them clean and protected. They provide a great compromise for foot protection when you need some coverage but don’t want to hinder your pedal stroke.

Smart features such as reflective piping and logos keep you visible during low light rides. Elastic backings and YKK zippers provide an easy slip on and off without compromising on fit or comfort. From insulated overshoes for the coldest of days to lightweight shoe covers for medium protection against wind and sediment, Moosejaw has just what you’re looking for to keep you comfortable and motivated in the saddle.