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About Cycling Tights and Pants:

Cycling tights are essentially a longer version of biking shorts. They can be worn as a single unit or a layering piece when temperatures plummet. They are a modern marvel thanks to innovative, technical fabrics that regulate temperature and keep you comfortable year-round. Most feature a chamois pad for comfort and cushioning on long rides but there are styles available that either has a removable pad or none at all. These tights and pants are built with your performance in mind. Stretch panels cater to your specific ergonomic position while flat seams protect against annoying chafing. Wicking properties draw moisture away from the skin so you’re not saturated in your own sweat.

The most common types are bib tights, winter tights, women’s specific, and regular. Regular bike tights are constructed with similar, if not the same, skintight fabrics to provide full freedom of movement. They are commonly made from Lycra and typically have an elastic waistband. Not only does help with aerodynamics but it also makes it easy to make adjustments with gloves on. Bib tights are a one-piece wonder that extends over your shoulders with straps. They’re generally thought to be more comfortable than standard styles because there is no waistband and they’re also less prone to chafing. They also make a great base layer because they protect your back and hips should your jacket or jersey ride up.

Winter tights are exactly what you think they are - cold weather-specific with thermal insulation properties. They often have fleece linings and perform well in windy, rainy weather. However, thicker fabrics usually result in a loss of stretch but we think it’s well worth it for staying warm during a frigid bike ride. Women’s specific tights are designed and constructed to fit the female form. Typically, this means wider hips with a shorter abdomen. Chamois pads are more contoured to provide a better anatomical fit.

If you want something less form-fitting then check out cycling pants. They are looser and baggier but provide excellent protection against wind, snow and rain. They’re perfect for your daily commute or a cross-country trip. Whether you’re a diehard winter cyclist or you love leisurely summer biker, Moosejaw has the best cycling tights and pants that are sure to meet your every need. Shop industry-leading brands such as Showers Pass, Gore Wear, Pearl Izumi and more.