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About Cycling Jackets:

When I was in high school there was this mysterious and brooding guy that would roam the halls during class time. You know the high school version of a rebel without a cause, no subject to authority -- baby badass. He had a serious John Bender from "The Breakfast Club" vibes going and it was cool. I don't know why I'm telling you this, I guess I just miss him. I wonder where he is now; maybe I should add him on Facebook.

Well anyways, baby-John Bender lacked one essential thing to his transformation into an '80s heartthrob transported into the late-2000s: the jacket. The jacket is an essential piece of wardrobe that no one should overlook, especially when you're a cyclist. Along with keeping you warm, cycling jackets are lightweight and built to be wind resistant and water resistant. I found myself riding my bike in a hurricane once while wearing a cycling jacket and my torso was totally dry the whole time. Anyway, Moosejaw carries a variety of wind resistant and water resistant cycling jackets in different colors and styles so you can totally find your soulmate cycling jacket. Love at first cycling jacket. Plus, if you want to be real fancy, you can get a cycling jacket with a drop tail, which covers your lower back from all the elements of riding. Please keep your pinky up while wearing a drop tail cycling jacket.

Well, without the jacket, baby-John Bender didn't reach his full potential. It was his jacket that gave him that extra mystery -- when's the last time he washed that jacket? Did he mean to buy it two sizes too big? Jackets like that are what make the Halloween costume recognizable; just ask anyone who's ever gone as Michael Jackson in "Thriller". Now with the help of Moosejaw, you can get an awesome cycling jacket, so everyone know's that you are a true badass cyclist.