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About Cycling Clothing:

You’ve put in the time and effort with your training, don’t let it go to waste. Invest in some cycling clothing to really put the pedal to the metal. From jerseys to tights and sunglasses to gloves, Moosejaw carries a wide selection of the best biking clothing available. Shop top cycling brands such as Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, Louis Garneau, and more. This specialist clothing gives you the confidence to go faster, harder and further than ever before. No matter if you’re sweating in the summer or fogging it up in the winter, this men's and women's cycling gear can handle it.

What makes bicycle attire so special? It’s all in the details. Cycling shorts, shirts, jerseys, and pants are meticulously cut to provide a next-to-skin fit. This ensures that it moves with you without causing drag and won’t sag or fold when you’re leaning forward over the handlebars. Higher waists and longer sleeves shield your back and wrists from being exposed while specially-shaped legwear allows you to bend and pedal without hindering your movement. Foam padding, generally found in cycling shorts and gloves, decreases energy expenditure by reducing vibrations from the road and handlebars. It also assists saddle padding to prove superior shock absorption. More importantly, padding prevents chafing that can prevent you from future rides.

Cycling clothing is constructed from high-tech, innovative materials. Lycra fabric is a modern marvel. These unique fibers are super stretchy and flexible to fit your unique body shape giving you the perfect fit. This technology stays with you while you move without bunching or sagging and recovers back to its normal shape when you’re still. It’s perfect for bibs, shorts, and tights as it gives you the freedom to move any way you like. Moisture-wicking fabric moves sweat away from skin to the outside of the garment to evaporate easily. Not only does this keep you dry but it also helps to manage funky smells and odors while you’re pedaling hard. Cycling gloves typically have a small patch of wicking towel fabric so you can wipe away sweat, snot and whatever else hits your face.

Take it to the next level with the best in men's and women's cycling clothing. Offering the best in performance protection, you’ll have no problem chasing your next biking challenge in any weather, at any time.