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About Cups, Mugs and Tumblers:

Starting off a day without coffee isn't gonna happen which is why Moosejaw's selection of cups and mugs are here to keep your caffeine-riddled-self satisfied. From silicon to titanium, these bad boys can handle anything from bouncing around in packs to frigid winter camping. Don't deny yourself a hot beverage just because you're on the trail. Grab an incredible camping mug and warm yourself up!

Moosejaw's selection of camping cups and mugs includes insulated tumblers, pint cups, lowballs and even your standard outdoor-proof sake bottle. You just never know when the occasion for a sake bomb will arise! Need more space for gear in your pack? Colorful, collapsible containers can act as both drinking cups and measuring cups.

Don't use a cooking pot to drink your coffee or tea. Why not treat yourself to an insulated mug that will keep your liquids hot? As an added bonus, it keeps liquids cold so when you're sitting around a fire with your friends, you know that your whiskey will taste just as good as when you first poured it. Coffee and whiskey on your camping trip? Sounds like a recipe for success.