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About Crampons:

Here's something we can all agree on: Crampons have a silly name. But hey, just because they sound ridiculous doesn't mean that don't have great purpose - trekking through the heavy snow, mixing it up with tricky ice - all this becomes easier and safer, thanks to your ridiculously-named mountaineering crampons. Add some lightweight durability to your boot, and prepare to tackle the road ahead with gusto. Yeah, we said gusto.

Because a traditional pair of boots just won't cut it when you're trying to get the traction you need to succeed. Climbing is hard enough as it is; using not only upper body strength but lower body strength, and oh, the coordination! The best in ice climbing crampons are for sale above, refusing to rust while staying decidedly lightweight. Plenty of what you'll find handle a bit of everything, working great for ice and rock climbing, alpinism and your more general, everyday mountaineering. Universal crampons we call 'em, because it's a great name for something, mostly.

Don't allow your foot to get slipping, especially when you have something you can do about it. Grivel, Black Diamond, Petzel and more have made it possible to turn your foot into a superfoot - one that has awesome metal spikes coming out of it.