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About Craghoppers:

It used to be that when you wanted to go on an adventure you would have to make a series of stops before you could be properly outfitted with all of the right attire. First the tailors, then the blacksmiths, maybe an alchemist for extra protection.

No longer will you be burdened with having to find a leatherworker to craft a jerkin to match your chainmail. If you can wear it on an adventure, Craghopper imbues it with qualities that will keep you safe, comfortable and looking good. With tee shirts, jackets and trousers for men, women and children Craghopper has got your back.

Since starting in the U.K. in 1965, Craghopper has created a variety of materials that make textiles tough and ready for anything. With features like Aquadry, a quick-drying waterproofing membrane that can withstand torrential downpours, Solardry, which has a 40 spf rating for blocking harmful UV rays, and Nosilife, which repels insects, Craghopper ensures you look as rugged as Bear Grylls while wearing technology that would make an sorcerer blush.

Did someone mention Bear Grylls? Because in 2008 Craghopper began working with the television survivalist to producer a line of clothing BEARing his name. With materials like Gore-tex, a tried and true waterproofer, and Merino wool, which acts as a great insulator and is anti-odor, people will have a hard time telling what fluids you've been drinking.

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