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About Craft Sportswear:

Founded on the basis of inventing a three-layer underwear piece, Craft Sportswear has become a game changer in base layers for professional athletes and active users alike. Founder, Anders Bengtsson, aimed to create underwear that would pull sweat away from runners while active and after years of trial and error, Bengtsson finally found the perfect base layer that achieved exactly what he wanted: perfect body temperature management. With headquarters in Sweden, Craft Sportswear have since expanded their selection to more than just underwear.

Nowadays, Craft is producing outerwear such as windbreakers and pants for bike riders, runners and cross country skiers. Along with this, they’re also producing men and women’s baselayers. With endurance specific sports in mind, Craft has honed in on their technology like VentAir and Fuseknit. VentAir technology ensures the consumer has water and wind protection while also still benefiting from breathability and moisture transport. This means the sweat moves away from the body through the shirt and quickly dries on the outer layer just as the original underwear.

To maximize comfort from shoes to baselayers, Craft added unique seamless tube knitting to sections of their pieces. Think of Fuseknit technology as super soft fabrics such as recycled polyester and elastane that are based in areas like the shoulders, rib cage, and hips to prevent chafing when riding bikes, running or working out. With Fuseknit and VentAir technology, it’s no wonder Craft is a leading brand in activewear and comfort.