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AboutCamping Cots:

Get a better night’s sleep with a high-quality camping cot. No longer are sleeping cots creaky, uncomfortable, old things. These days, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to set-up and transport. They’re sturdy and durable making them an ideal companion for your next backpacking trip. Portable, stable and easy to use, these outdoor cots are perfect for the whole family.

When you’re sick of dealing with dirt and bugs, lightweight camping cots are a fantastic solution. When the insects are swarming all around, a cot with a bug shelter will provide complete protection day and night. Comfortable and breathable, you won’t have to deal with sleeping in sweat on a warm summer’s night. This fabric is also incredibly sturdy and can accommodate a wide range of sizes and weights. From campgrounds to tents and even your parents’ basement, camp cots are the perfect off-the-ground sleeping solution.

These award-winning camping cots are ultralight and ultra packable. They can withstand heavy use and abuse with sacrificing comfort or weight. Cot accessories include a pillow keeper that keeps your pillow right where you want it to be. Coasters are ideal to protect the bottom of your tent and tarps. Storage pockets hold books, water bottles, glasses, phones and whatever else you need to keep closeby. There is nothing better than climbing into bed at the end of a long day. With a portable sleeping cot, it’s never been easier to do this wherever your adventures take you.