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About Costa Del Mar Sunglasses:

Have you been buying your sunglasses from the five dollar rack at your local Gas-N-Go? Let us be the first to say: You’re doing it wrong. Not that there’s a lack of time or place for cheap shades – you probably want to avoid wearing anything that costs more than a few bucks while you’re rollercoastering or one-legged rollerblading, for example – but the majority of your adventures demand a better pair of shaded specs. And demanding something better is what put Costa Del Mar in business to begin with.

Because self-described hardcore fishermen demanded it! Doing serious work out there is just that - serious work, and having to put up with squinting through harmful rays while trying to grab sea bass out of the watery unknown is a bad look. These hardcore fisherman felt that unparalleled clarity and premium protection were givens, and they weren’t about to wait on others to make their crystal clear sunglasses dream come true: That’s how Costa Del Mar was born.

That was decades ago, and the dedication to crafting first-class sunglasses has never faltered – in fact, Costa Del Mar’s commitment to producing the finest product has only grown over time. Patented technologies, like UV treated lens materials and their 580 technology, allow the wearer unreal protection with no sacrifice in clarity. The highest quality in sunglasses for those who have plenty of adventuring to do.