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About Camp Coolers:

Having a cooler in your arsenal is like driving a pickup truck. Everyone depends on you to move their precious cargo and keep it safe. Luckily for you, the insulated coolers found above are some of the most durable, portable and high-quality on the market. From the backcountry to a barbeque and the tundra to the tailgate, these backpacking and travel coolers can handle it all while keeping your food and beverages safe and secure.

Whether you need a soft-sided cooler or a heavy duty, commercial grade lug, these coolers fit the bill. Designed and constructed by some of the world’s leading brands such as Yeti, Mountainsmith, Barebones and more, these camping coolers are virtually indestructible. And with a little care and maintenance along the way, they can last a lifetime. The superior insulation is double-walled and leakproof. Not only does this preserve ice for days, but it also keeps your perishable goods and trail beers at their desirable temperature.

Collapsible and folding coolers are great for easy storage while soft-sided coolers offer minimal travel hassle compared to heavy, hard-sided coolers. Don’t confuse soft construction with lack of rugged durability though. Tough nails and available in a multitude of sizes, including backpacks, soft coolers are made to fit any adventure, from rafting to a picnic in the park.

The details and accessories make it easy to outfit your cooler to meet your lifestyle. Extra pockets are perfect for snacks and servingware while bottle openers ensure that a fresh, cold brew is just a bottlecap away. Daisy chain webbing allows you to hook supplies on for hassle-free portability and padded slings and straps provide comfort and convenience for shoulder carry. The zippers are seam-sealed and water-resistant and are easy open and close. Coolers are an essential piece of gear for hiking, backpacking and travel in general. With a high-quality insulated cooler in tow, you’ll never have to deal with soggy foods or lukewarm drinks again.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different styles of coolers?

Coolers come in a variety of styles to suit different needs. These include hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, wheeled coolers, and backpack coolers. Hard sided coolers are usually the most durable, providing superior insulation and protection from the elements while also being heavy duty. Soft sided coolers are lighter and easier to transport, but don’t provide as much insulation or protection from the elements. Wheeled coolers are great for carrying larger amounts of food and drinks with ease, while backpack coolers provide convenient portability without sacrificing insulation. No matter what type of cooler you need, there is a style that can meet all your storage needs and budget.

How to make your cooler last longer?

Most cooler manufacturers recommend a 2/3 ratio of ice to contents meaning a typical 24L cooler should have about 16L of ice to keep the other 8L of contents cold. It is also beneficial to start with an already chilled cooler so that any ice added to it will not immediately start melting to bring the overall temperature of the cooler down. A mixture of block ice and cube ice is also a good tactic to keep ice from melting prematurely. Once your ice does start to melt, do not remove the cold water as this will act as additional insulation to the cooler. Limiting cooler access and ensuring it has airtight seals are also extremely effective at keeping your cooler cold for longer. Another tactic is to add rock salt to the ice in your cooler which can help keep the temperature lower and prevent melting.

Can you use dry ice in a cooler?

Most hard coolers are capable of storing dry ice whereas soft coolers or metal ones can be damaged by the extreme temperatures that dry ice creates. When using dry ice, it is best to wrap it in newspaper or a towel to prevent direct contact with the cooler and your food and drinks. When handling dry ice, remember to avoid direct skin contact which can cause burns.