Compression Sacks

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About Compression Sacks:

One of the most effective ways to organize and pack your travel essentials is to use compression sacks. They will shrink down your gear so that you are able to fit more into your backpack. From down sleeping bags to clothing, you’ll be able to efficiently maximize your packing space. Insanely versatile, you can use one large bag for bulky items or use multiple smaller compression sacks to separate and organize your belongings. Whether you’re car camping, flying across oceans or thru-hiking, compression sacks are an incredibly useful and simple solution for all your packing needs.

Compression sacks are similar to vacuum-packed bags. Made from lightweight materials, they remove air pockets to make the most of every single inch of packing space. These are some of the best compression sacks around for camping, backpacking and traveling. Available in a wide variety of sizes and systems, cinch cords, adjustable straps, roll top and more, they will keep your load as light and compact as possible. Double-stitched seams increase durability while waterproof options are perfect for unpredictable weather. Compression sacks make life on-the-go a lot easier. They keep you highly organized and won’t weigh you down.