Climbing Portaledges

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About Portaledges for Rock Climbing:

Today's portaledge has come a long way from binding hammocks and non-collapsible cots of the past. Dangling on the side of a cliff has never been more comfortable or stable. Top notch engineering and design from brands such as Black Diamond and Metolius will keep you safe and secure on extreme climbs and multiday excursions.

When the day is over but your adventure is not, set up a portaledge, hang out and cook up some grub. With single and double options for sale, you'll stay comfortable even when you're thousands of feet above ground. Don't forget the rain fly though! For unsuspected storms and/or winter ascents, you and your gear will stay protected despite ghoulish wind, snow and rain.

Cross off one the most badass things you can do thanks to these portaledges. We guarantee you'll have no regrets once you experience the mind-blowing sunsets and appearance of stars. You may even find that you get a better night's sleep on a portaledge than you do on your mattress at home.