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About Climbing Holds:

Building strength and endurance is easier than ever thanks to innovative climbing holds. These bring the best of the outdoors to the indoors as you can practice your grip as often as you like without having to worry about weather conditions. For those of you who are insanely busy at all hours, these are especially useful as you can climb just about whenever you damn well feel like (assuming that the climbing gym is open, of course). True climbers train on as well as off of rock, and that is where these climbing holds come in.

The Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board is the number-one selling training board in the world for a reason. For more ergonomic pulling on, Metolius Rock Rings CNC 3D are great for home or travel training. Each set comes with a comprehensive and informational training guide to get you in shape for the upcoming climbs. Plus, safety first, which is why there are two independent units with flexible single-point suspension to prevent injury. If you aren't training and would rather be climbing on a home or indoor wall, the Metolius Bouldering Set is ideal for getting a climbing experience with various combinations you could think of.

With the great texture and quality, these climbing holds are perfect for any indoor climbing activity. Build that strength and endurance, get out, and kick the ass of your next climb. We believe in you.