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About Climbing Helmets:

Sure, one of your biggest concerns about getting a climbing helmet is about how it might affect your hair. Let's put those fears to rest! Your hair is going to look great, especially when you consider the alternative: Leaving your precious melon susceptible to horrible, horrible damage. Throwing a climbing helmet on your dome is a no-brainer, which is pretty ironic considering how important that brain of yours is to you.

What you'll find above are some of the best rock climbing helmets from the top brands - you know, big leaguers like Black Diamond, Petzl and Mammut. These brands tout reliability with equal emphasis on style and function, so while your precious hairs are covered you're still able to look your best. Listen, you're getting a quality piece of climbing safety equipment! Comfortable and durable, with the features that you need, like efficient air circulation and headlamp compatibility.

Thing is, your skull is really pretty just the way it is. You'll be taken aback by how natural your options above can feel, almost like a second skull - you know, except that they're made out of polycarbonate blends and impact resistant foam. Which just goes to show you, science can make some pretty nifty pieces of climbing safety gear when it puts its mind to it. Science! Pretty neat, right? All you have to do now is put your mind to the task of deciding which of these mountain climbing helmets best matches the rest of your best climbing outfit, and good luck with that.