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About Climbing Gear and Equipment On Sale:

You've probably come to our rock climbing gear sale page because you are one of either two types of climbers. Either you've become an experienced climber over the years, and it's time to replace some of your gear, but you'd rather buy the best climbing equipment at a discount, rather than breaking an arm and a leg to do so.

Or… you're pretty new to the sport of climbing. You've been renting or borrowing gear for a little while now, but it's time to get your own. The problem is, you haven't had the chance to experience all the top brand equipment manufacturers offering first-rate gear such as climbing harnesses, rope, carabiners and much more. You also probably realize that if you buy beginner climbing gear, you'll probably outgrow it pretty quickly, as your skills are increasing with every route up the wall.

No matter what the reason, we've all reached this outlet page for the same reason. We want the best climbing gear, from the best brands, and at the best prices. We want to be able to pick up the equipment we need on the cheap; without burning a hole through the old wallet. Well, this is the right place. Now scroll back up the page and start checking out the rock climbing gear, either on clearance or sale that you originally came here for. Or don't.