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About Climbing Packs and Mountaineering Backpacks:

Climbing backpacks are great because they make you feel like you can climb on anything. When you have a dedicated backpack for all of your climbing gear like ropes, cams, crampons and more you feel like every vertical surface is a challenge to be overcome.

Just the other day I climbed onto the roof of the office using a climbing backpack and other supplies. It turns out that my coworkers were only joking when they said that there was an executive pool on the roof of the building, but the joke is on them because I found so many flying discs and foam darts that I am now a mountaineering arms dealer.

Having a backpack that works in conjunction with the range of movement you need for climbing, as well as making appropriate accommodations for harnesses, ropes etc. is essential for having a successful and fun climb. Besides, if you are already going to stick it to gravity by climbing a mountain, you might as well prove that weak forces are useless in stopping you from getting your gear where you need it.