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About Climbing Ascenders and Descenders:

As we’re sure you’re dutifully aware, climbing is not exactly a stationary sport. A good amount of movement is involved; in fact, movement is kinda the point. Whether you’re on your way up or trickling back down, getting where you’re going demands a bit of help, so unless you’re some sort of otherworldly beast with a knack for incredible traction you might need a hand with the whole vertical movement thing. Considering that’s likely the case (we haven’t encountered many climbing beasts in our day) we’ve gone ahead and assembled a collection of ascenders and descenders that should give you trusty hand in making sure all goes according to plan up there.

Of course you want your gear to be sturdy and strong, but having your equipment comfortable is a pretty important part of the equation. Ergonomic handles with specially molded grips ensure you’ll never lose hold while keeping a snug touch on your end. A tremendous amount of care has been placed in making climbing gear that can withstand the icy, wet elements, keeping you safe while working like a charm. You won’t have to worry about being let down, unless the express purpose of your equipment is to physically let you down, in which case it will do just that.

It’s not all the best ascenders and descenders here, though. Need aider ladders? We have ‘em. Foot loops and rescue kits? Those are in the mix as well. Handy drink koozie additions? Those aren’t in the mix just yet, but we’re hard at work on it. Promise. In the meantime, these climbing ascenders and descenders should keep you mighty busy as you traverse…well, whatever it is you choose to traverse. You’re sort of the captain of your own adventure, so why not get to it already?