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About City Bike Shoes:

City bike shoes are incredibly versatile. Not only are they great for a ride around town but they’re comfortable and stylish enough to leave on after you stop pedaling. Casual biking shoes are jam-packed full of features to make your life easier. Quickly hop on for your ride to work and hop off for the office all without having to carry a change of shoes. They’re also a lot more flexible than racing or mountain bike shoes. This is because your feet need more forgiveness for long days in the saddle and so your gait doesn’t have to compensate for stiff soles while walking around.

City bike shoes are great for indoor and outdoor wear. Many styles are compatible with clipless pedals thanks to recessed cleats. You’ll have plenty of grip while riding and the cleats stay hidden and silent when it’s time to play tourist. The uppers are tough enough to handle underbrush and the occasional spill while lightweight materials make it easy to keep pedaling without any extra weight. Mesh vents and breathable fabrics prevent heat from building up inside your shoes so you don’t have to ride or walk around in saturated socks. These casual bike shoes are the trifecta of street style, cycling performance, and commuter comfort all wrapped in one.