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About Chaco Sale:

Is it true that we goofed big time, confusing the world’s best food item – the taco – with one of the world’s best active footwear brands? Sure, that happened. But it’s not our fault! Besides the fact that the name Chaco rhymes with taco (words are hard, okay) when you have two things that are so great you run the risk of getting them a little jumbled up. We promise to do better this time – we got the tacos out of our system, and now is the time to call attention to one heck of a Chaco sale.

And those discount Chaco sandals are one heck of a product, too! This is the essential sport sandal, giving you outdoor adventurers a decidedly durable sandal option for your hike-to-beach antics. And you’re looking at the same top-quality sandals you’re used to – it’s not like we’re swapping the normal ones out with some cheap Chacos and trying to pull one over on you. We wouldn’t do something like that.

Heard the rumor about Chaco shoes? Yeah, those are a thing, too - totally real and very much holding true to the goodness you find in your pair of Chaco sandals. Made for those who look forward to some comfort in their shoe but want a little extra airy freedom. And yeah, they’re so on sale. We might sound a little redundant here but it’s really worth repeating. Grab up your favorite hard shell and get to stepping in an impressive piece of footwear, all without breaking the bank in the process.