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About Casual Sunglasses:

Wearing sunglasses all day, makes you a cool person in my book. To me, the people in “Miami Vice” were like the coolest people to ever be on TV. Often times, I even base people’s “cool factor” on a scale of 1 to “Miami Vice,” but people are rarely as cool. What made the people in “Miami Vice” cool was the fact they always wore casual sunglasses. Honestly, I almost didn’t watch “Miami Vice” because I was so intimidated by the badassness of their casual sunglasses. I’m pretty sure they were the originators of the “hater shades”.

Here at Moosejaw, you can get your own pair of badass sunglasses. The ones we have here at Moosejaw are badass for several reasons. First off, we carry polarized sunglasses that assist in UV protection against the all mighty sun. I heard a rumor that if you were to stare into the sun for too long that your eyeballs would melt -- my mom told me that when I was 5-years-old. The other great thing too, is that we have women’s and men’s polarized sunglasses, as well as kid’s sunglasses. You can buy your whole family a pair and they’ll probably love you forever; or in my case finally love you, because you’re almost 30-years-old and have a collection of toilet seat covers.

So anyway, you’ve wasted too much time reading this and not enough picking out a pair of sunglasses from our diverse collection. I just said diverse collection like we were selling a variety of 300 year old wines. We don’t sell wine, just awesome outdoor stuff.