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About Casual Socks:

With casual socks, comfort is king. They’re perfect for just about anything. Whether you wear them to work as a part of your business casual dress code or you lounge around in them on football Sundays. The men’s and women’s socks found on this page provide all-day comfort and support. From boot socks to merino wools socks. Moosejaw carries a wide array of casual footwear accessories to meet your every need. For the first time ever, you’ll be excited to root around in your sock drawer and put on a pair of the best casual socks on the market.

Constructed for a cushioned, athletic feel that looks relaxed, these aren’t your casual socks found in a six-pack plastic bag. Trusted brands such as Ugg, Smartwool, Darn Tough, Farm to Feet and Icebreaker have designed some of the most comfortable socks in the world. Natural merino wool and synthetic materials provide superior temperature regulation in the winter and summer. You won’t have to deal with smelly feet or shoes thanks to moisture-wicking, breathable features that keep you comfortable and dry. Say goodbye to athlete’s foot and hello to all-day comfort and wear.

Seamless designs prevent toe bunching and reinforced heels and toes provide durable support in high-wear areas. They hold their shape well even after washing and are snug without being too tight. Boots socks give you an extra boost of insulated warmth while adding a touch of style to your cold-weather outfit. From thick, cushioned footbeds for winter to lightweight crew for hiking, there is never not a time to slip on a pair of casual socks. One style to rule them all, casual socks can be dressed up or not. Monday through Sunday, you’ll find yourself reaching for them again and again.