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About Bike Cassettes and Cogs:

To get the most enjoyment out of your ride, you should choose bike cassettes that match your specific riding style and biking terrain. After all, there is no point in getting out on the trail just to find yourself fighting your gears and losing power and energy with every push forward.

Unsure of where to even start? Let’s break this down. Bike cassettes consistent sprockets which are a range of metal circular disks with teeth around the edge. Cassettes vary in size, number of sprockets, and number of teeth. The main thing to consider here is your cassette’s gear spread. If you want a silky smooth gear change then you’ll near a smaller difference between the highest and lowest number of teeth. However, this usually leads to a decrease in the size of the largest sprocket leaving you with gears that may not be great for uneven terrain and climbing hills.

Generally speaking, if you’re lower on the fitness scale then you’ll need larger cogs and low gears. This is because larger cogs work well for a slow bike as well as high elevation levels. On the flip side, if you’re high on the fitness scale or if you ride in low elevations, then smaller cogs and high gear will work well for you.

Often times, manufacturers, such as SRAM and Shimano, make similar-sized components and gears. Their cassettes for road and mountain bikes can be interchanged with each other because of equal spacing between the sprockets. Learning the ins and outs of your bike components can make a huge difference in your biking performance. Moosejaw carries a wide selection of cassettes and cogs to meet your every need.