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Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest SOLite Sleeping Pad
  • GREY

Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest SOLite Sleeping Pad

From $12.99   $29.95
up to 37% off
MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
  • GREY

Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

$202.99   $289.95
30% off
MSR Dromedary Bag

Dromedary Bag

$39.95 - $44.95
PackTowl Personal Towel
  • BLUE
  • BLUE
  • GREY

Personal Towel

$9.95 - $44.95
MSR Women's Revo Explore Snowshoes

Women's Revo Explore Snowshoes

$139.99   $199.95
30% off
MSR H.U.B. 8 Tent

H.U.B. 8 Tent

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About Cascade Designs:

Spending time outdoors shouldn’t be hard or uncomfortable – it should be fun and rejuvenating. Cascade Designs is a family of brands that make products intended to make outdoor life better.

Take Therm-a-Rest, for example. Firm believers that the better you are able to rest, the better you’ll be able to play, they’ve been designing and improving sleeping solutions since 1971. From sleeping pads and bags to camp pillows, they offer products with a variety of features that will help you sleep more soundly after a long day on the trail. There’s something for every style of camper, whether you’re a thru-hiker looking to complete your kit for ultralight backpacking or a casual camper in need of something a bit more luxurious.

Another important component of being comfortable is being dry. PackTowl is the perfect solution for this, with microfiber towels that are so lightweight and packable that you’ll probably forget they’re there until you need them. They absorb two or more times their own weight and dry much quicker than standard cotton towels, making them perfect for traveling, skinny dipping, or a hot yoga session after work.

When you’re out in the wild, it’s also crucial to keep your gear as dry as possible, including your expensive smartphone or that trail map that could be vital to your survival. SealLine has a full line of dry bags, duffels, and backpacks with welded seams that will keep your stuff dry, even if the whole thing falls off your kayak. There are smaller cases for the stuff that you want to protect from the elements but also keep easily accessible. And if you’re looking to maximize space in your pack, check out the water-resistant packing solutions such as compression sacks.

While having a dry body and dry gear is good, being dehydrated is not. That’s where Platypus comes in, providing plenty of hydration and filtration solutions for your outdoor adventure. There are water bottles with built-in filters for safe drinking at your campsite, as well as hydration packs with 5, 7, or 12L of space for snacks and a 3L reservoir. The reservoir is taste and BPA free and perfect for day hikes to see the scenery. If you’re out with a bigger group, the large, 4L capacity of their gravity filtration system can filter water while you set up camp, providing you with enough water to cook and clean up afterward.

MSR, or Mountain Safety Research, makes all sorts of gear designed to make your outdoor experience a bit more like home. There are tents for anywhere from one person to 8 people, all of which will keep you protected from the wind and rain. It’s generally polite to cook food and eat with the people that you’re spending time with, which is easy to do using their large selection of pots, pans, and stoves. And don’t worry, they make utensils, too. Now you don’t have to use your hands to eat that three-course meal you expertly prepared at basecamp. There’s even water filters with replaceable parts, a money-saving option for the avid backpacker. Cascade Design’s family of brands has almost everything you need to make your time outdoors as comfortable, easy, and enjoyable as your time indoors.