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About Men's Carhartt Jackets:

Do you work hard? Are you a hard working man? If the answer is anything resembling a no, you may as well hit the bricks, as in get out of here. Carhartt jackets exist to outfit those who know a thing or two about grit and determination, the same working-class folks who want a piece of outerwear that is as good as kicking ass as they are. Carhartt has been at it for well over one hundred years – manufacturing their Carhartt clothing long enough to get a pretty firm grip on what it takes to manufacture apparel for those who demand the very best.

And we mean the very best. Carhartt coats are built tough as hell for whatever might be down the road ahead, with rugged outer material paired perfectly with more-comfortable-than-it-should-be quilted lining. It feels like it shouldn’t work, but it really, really does. Why should you be forced to sacrifice comfort on account of having an undeniably tough jacket? You shouldn’t have to, and with your options above, you never will.

Find your new favorite coat that works great for all work-related duties, or maybe you’re just looking to drop those work duties all together and feel like living it up with a little hunting and fishing? Zip into a reliably constructed jacket, throw that hood up, and get to it. Or hey, get one without a hood, do whatever you want.