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About Bike Cargo and Luggage Trailers:

Bike cargo trailers are the ideal option when you have too much bulky gear for your pannier rack. They can be divided into two categories: single wheel and two wheel cargo trailers. Easy to maneuver especially on uneven terrain and narrow passages, single wheels offer superior handling and traction. They also provide better aerodynamics than two wheels as a result of the streamlined system with the trailer directly behind the bicycle. Single wheel luggage trailers are best for long distances when stops are few and far between. This is because there is not a ton of support for balancing your bike and cargo when stopped. Instead, it is up to the rider to hold everything up, and with extra heavy loads, this can consume lots of valuable energy.

On the other hand, two wheel luggage cargo trailers are great for running errands and rides around town. It’s easy to stop and go and pack large loads thanks to their wide two wheel support system that keeps everything stable. This also means that you will take up more room on the roads and trails so be careful when making sharp turns and riding over bumpy ground. If you’re looking for a bike cargo trailer that will keep your belongings in an upright position then make sure to check out the vertical two wheel variation. It has a similar look as a golf bag and ensures that your groceries and essentials don’t get jumbled up on the ride home.