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About Carabiners Sale:

Thinking about heading out on that next climbing trip without a wealth of carabiners in your pack? You could do that, but you probably shouldn’t. Carabiners are an integral part of the climbing experience, and getting out to that mountainside without those versatile and rugged pieces of gear would be a complete mistake. Grabbing some carabiners is a necessity, and wouldn’t you know it – it’s sale time. Get psyched about premium climbing gear at discount prices, and prepare to give your carabiner collection a serious boost, thanks to the serious savings from cheap prices.

Of course, there’s plenty for you to pick through here. Even though this is a sale, we aren’t just having some form of bargain-basement clearance event. All the goods present are top-notch, high-octane carabiners, with all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to. Your first question is a simple one: Locking or non-locking carabiner? It’s a matter of flexibility and safety, but it doesn’t end there. Your security while you’re up there is paramount, so having equipment that guarantees a safer climb is ideal. A screw-lock or auto-lock can help you out there, but no matter what option you go with you’re sure to be in good hands with clearance level prices.

Seriously, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place on the internet for your discount carabiner needs. Your good pals over here at Moosejaw are always watching your back (and we mean always) so we’re happy to help get you some great gear at a better price. But don’t hold off for too long – great products like these won’t stick around forever, so grab a few and head back up the summit.