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About Capo Cycling Apparel:

If you're a cycling enthusiast, chances are you take your cycling somewhat seriously. Capo gets this, and their passion for the cycling community is second to none. Providing a first-class brand of attire and cycling accessories, Capo is aware of the tradition and history inherent to such an esteemed sport and way of life. Their products are a proud symbol of their commitment to providing the best, for the best.

Established just over a decade ago, Capo quickly gained attention from cycling aficionados who appreciated high quality apparel and technical socks. The Capo catalog soon expanded greatly, with its size and sophistication matching the brand's greater reach. Capo reaches the casual riders, the corporate travelers, and cycling teams pro and amateur.

Transitioning from fancy socks to a wide array of high-tech cycling clothing and gear in the blink of an eye, the Capo collection has just about everything for everyone. Bib shorts and jerseys? Vests and jackets, too? They've got gloves on the ready, and hey, those fancy socks? Ready to grab, and better than ever. Capo can be your one-stop shop for you cycling needs.

Designed in the US with the majority of production taking place in Italy, Capo's dedication to keeping the heart of what they do steeped in cycling tradition is unmistakable. For those who seek the highest level of performance with a look that is dependably progressive, seek no further than your friends at Capo.

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