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About Cannondale:

With their formation occurring back in a loft over a pickle factory in the early 1970's, Cannondale has grown in scope as well as in factory size. Sired as one of the world's top bicycle brands, Cannondale's apparel line has grown to be just as ubiquitous as their original claim to fame. Their clothing and gear for sale are some of the best you can find on the market.

A brand that makes highly regarded bicycles should know a thing or two about what you should wear while you're out challenging yourself. Cannondale takes pride in providing a stellar collection of cycling gear, with apparel collections that provide riders with a perfect attire solution no matter what season.

No matter what gear you're looking for on your next ride, Cannondale has you covered throughout. Whether it be a classic style riding jersey, lightweight soft-shell jacket, or traditional tanks and hoodies, there is plenty to choose from that will perfectly compliment the modern rider. Shorts and gloves are an essential part of the Cannondale line as well, with men and women's choices being spread throughout.

There's a reason that some of the biggest names in cycling today wear Cannondale. A commitment to excellence along with a strong tradition of quality biking has made them one of the most sought out names in the sport today. The loft space over the pickle factory may no longer exist, but the same passion that led the team from a crowded attic to a worldwide stage. Gear up and be part of the team.