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Canada Goose Women's Cabot Parka
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Canada Goose
Women's Cabot Parka

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About Women's Canada Goose Jackets:

Have snow much fun this winter bundled up in Canada Goose outerwear. These women's jackets give you the best of both worlds with their practicality and style. Their utilitarian design keeps you warm in the coldest of climates while still dressy enough for holiday and work events. No longer will your closets be stuffed to the brim with coats for every occasion as these fit your every winter need. It can be hard not to resemble a marshmallow while wearing a puffy parka yet the design team has managed to give you a flattering shape using adjustable waist cords, precision cuts and refined details.

Canada Goose's winter jackets provide some of the highest levels of heat retention available thanks to the high-quality down insulation. Whether you live in Chicago with windy, wet conditions or you're surrounded by Canadian frozen terrain, you won't find warmth hard to find with one of these on your back. The wire-shaped fur hood lining traps warm air in and blocks out cold airflow. Simply throw on a parka and you are good to go without worrying about tons of accessories such as gaiters, heavy sweaters, hats, or scarves. If you are the type that likes to layer up underneath you will find it easy to do so because of the relaxed fit. From subzero temps to mid-range and mild, whatever the weather may be, your comfort level is kept steady.

Canada Goose gives you the ability to enjoy the outside world's natural beauty without the interruption of freezing winter weather. Each coat is temperature rated from 1-5 with 5 being capable of handling arctic conditions. One of the most popular parkas for sale is the Trillium. Its stylish, modern design envelops you in warmth even in climates as a low as -15°F. With a length that's long enough for you to sit on, you won't have to freeze your backside off while waiting for your car to warm up. Its textile design does not render you immobile while keeping you comfortable and dry. These timeless ladies jackets are an investment that pays themselves off for years to come. Sayonara, cabin fever. Farewell, cold weather complaints. Canada Goose enables you to get out there and enjoy everything that winter has to offer.