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About Canada Goose Vests:

Here’s a good question for you: What do you wear when you want to give some serious warmth to your torso? Like, serious cold busting warmth, enough so that it’s the equivalent of providing your body with a non-stop heat hug? It’s not even close – Canada Goose has a storied history of providing killer outerwear and all that precious “legacy” and “heritage” business is well-deserved. Well-deserved how, you ask? Isn’t it our responsibility to fill you in on this sort of stuff?

And you couldn’t be more right. It’s not enough to be simply be told a brand is worthwhile – but understanding that their vests are packed with high fill down insulation – well, that helps things a bit. Canada Goose uses the very best in duck down, employing cruelty-free practices that keep them involved throughout the entire supply chain process. That dedication to providing quality insulation is similar to their devotion to build the rest of your vest with the same kind of pro craftsmanship, with that precious down supplanted with DWR, or durable water repellant. Not only will that help keep you water-resistant, it’ll be sure to keep your down lining fully capable of providing kickass warmth.

Give those arms the freedom they deserve. Or, just zip into a little versatility. Because that’s really what a good Canada Goose vest is all about – the chance to layer up if you’re looking to add some extra defense against cold weather, or the chance to show off the natural sleeves of yours. Maybe you just want to wear it without anything underneath it, we aren’t your boss and you can do it however you like. Regardless, you’re primed to look great while wearing the very best.