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Canada Goose Women's Cabot Parka
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Canada Goose
Women's Cabot Parka

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About Canada Goose Parkas:

You know exactly why you’re here. When you’re facing off against lousy temperatures, the last thing you need is to trust your comfort to some lesser piece of outerwear. After all, there’s good reason that Canada Goose holds a reputation for building jackets that stand up to the worst weather – not only that, they’re known for constructing fashionable coats that turn heads as good as they beat bad temps. Get yourself into a level of insulation and coverage you literally never knew existed. Or, you know, maybe you did, because you’re wildly, wildly intelligent. Either way: Canada Goose parkas are definitely the thing for you.

Hear that confidence? It’s not by accident – a quick rundown of the type of features you can come to expect makes it fairly easy to tell why we put so much stock into the awesome power of the Canada Goose parka; a veritable force of nature against the rigors of cold weather. Canada Goose uses ultra-reliable down insulation of varying fill powers to keep that heat exactly where it belongs, with icy temps kept at bay. Even the hood is packed full of down, ensuring you’re covered and protected as much as possible.

That kickass down insulation wouldn’t be worth much if wayward rain and snow could interfere with it – that’s why your outer shell has a reliable DWR finish. Durable water repellent keeps unwelcome precipitation from literally raining on your parade, forcing pesky rain drops to roll right off.

No need to feel unprepared when staring down a week-long trek through the blisteringly cold backcountry. Whether you’re gearing up to conquer the unknown or just want to be able to face the everyday winter weather with poise, Canada Goose has a parka with your name on it. Well, maybe not your name, but someone’s name. Probably.