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About Canada Goose Kids' Jackets and Coats:

No sense in letting the adults have all the fun. And by fun we mean premium cold weather protection, which is a pretty great deal of fun if you ask us. Because being able to withstand lousy, chilly temperatures goes hand in hand with the ability to have fun out there, so keeping the little ones protected from less than ideal weather is a pretty great idea. Canada Goose has just the thing – jackets that act as ultra-reliable mega-warm winter fortresses, able to keep the heat in while blocking out the icy chill. Let the kids get out and play, they’ll be kept warm in their Canada Goose outerwear.

Jackets produced by Canada Goose are known for their premium down insulation, and the kids coats above are of no exception. These things are packed with heavy-duty fill power, using first-class bird down to bring an unmatched level of warmth. But that’s not all – look to Arctic-Tech material to do work, with its water resistant nature helping to keep out unwanted precipitation and adding to the overall cold fighting power of the jacket.

Make sure you grab one with a hood, too – no need to pack an extra hat or beanie when that bad boy is in play, sharing the same sort of insulation that’s a part of your jacket. Have them rock it with or without the removable fur, depending on how animal-y your little one is feeling that day. Get the kids into outerwear that screams dependability – less worry about whether or not they’re warm enough, and more worry about what’s for dinner. Because that’s important, and it can’t just be Sloppy Joe’s every night.