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Canada Goose Men's Silverthorne Parka
  • BLUE
  • GREY

Canada Goose
Men's Silverthorne Parka

$820.99 - $1,095.00
up to 25% off
Canada Goose Men's Hendriksen Coat

Canada Goose
Men's Hendriksen Coat

$745.99 - $995.00
up to 25% off
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About Canada Goose Jackets:

Much more than your everyday whatever jacket, Canada Goose jackets and coats employ industry-leading technology working with an unprecedented manufacturing process to provide you an outerwear experience like no other. What does that mean, you might be wondering? With a comprehensive line of weather-ready apparel, Canada Goose is ready to prepare you for whatever may come your way - be it inclement snow storms while out trekking the alpine wonderland, the light chill of early spring mornings on your favorite path or mild rain on your way down the block, you’ll find a solution for any weather within our Canada Goose jackets collection.

We don’t pretend to be scientists or anything – not often, anyway – but it’s easy to figure that a coat fit for mild conditions just won’t cut it when temps drop to 30 below, so finding the right fit is ideal. If you have intentions of being active out there you’re going to need a jacket that works with you, one to trek that trail a little longer or forge ahead up the mountainside. Luckily, grabbing the perfect solution that’s best for you is easier than you think.

What do you know about versatile shell jackets? Perfect for fighting against chilly spring weather, Canada Goose’s shell jackets are great at providing a waterproof body that breathes easy, adding a minimal level of bulk. Oh, that’s not quite doing it for you? Their lightweight collection provides jackets that are mutually windproof like their shell counterparts, kicking it up a notch when it comes to warmth protection. The extra heft present in the lightweight jackets serves to keep the heat in and the cold out in those tricky weather situations – you know, like when it gets cold but it’s supposed to be all hot? Yeah, tricky. The king of Canada Goose jackets is their line of parkas, bar none the best defense against the most extreme weather conditions. There’s no compromising with the Canada Goose parka jacket, your one-stop-shop defense against the coldest of temperatures.

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