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Canada Goose Men's Hendriksen Coat

Canada Goose
Men's Hendriksen Coat

$745.99 - $995.00
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About Canada Goose Insulated Jackets:

Spoiler Alert: It can, on occasion, get rather chilly when you’re out there, traversing the wide, sprawling world of the backcountry. Snow sports, the best sports, are rather dependent on icy temperatures, and there’s likely nothing that can be done about that. So until you workshop a way to build hot snow (we’ve been working on it for years with no luck) you’re best off grabbing some outerwear that works great at shielding you from the unreasonable cold of the winter season. Get yours from Canada Goose – ensuring your new insulated jacket is proudly manufactured by those who know the alpine landscape through and through.

Convinced that you’ll need a sufficiently bulky coat to properly combat chilly temperatures? Canada Goose thinks that’s ridiculous, and their premium down insulation is built to bring incredible levels of warmth without adding unnecessary heft to your jacket. So feel free to stay agile and active with your jacket never working against you.

Stay adaptable. And if you aren’t already adaptable, get on board – you don’t have to be restricted to a traditional jacket, with parkas, hoodies and a number of other variations in the mix to give you the coverage you desire.

Prepare for insulation, and then some. With a bevy of additional features a factor, you’re moving even further toward becoming an impenetrable fortress built to fight against lousy weather everywhere. Consider this: Fabric boasting water-resistant, quick drying qualities to keep you dry as good as it keeps you warm. Canada Goose is prepared to keep you warm out there, no matter the challenge you face next.