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Canada Goose Men's Hendriksen Coat

Canada Goose
Men's Hendriksen Coat

$745.99 - $995.00
up to 25% off
Canada Goose Women's Cabot Parka
  • GREY
  • BLUE

Canada Goose
Women's Cabot Parka

$820.99   $1,095.00
25% off
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About Canada Goose Down Jackets:

It’s not enough for you to stay warm in chilly temperatures - you need to be sure you’re wrapped in an extreme weather fortress, giving yourself a level of protection you never thought possible while you’re deep in the alpine landscape. Get into the best, knowing you can do your best work. Take advantage of the reliable nature of tried-and-true down insulation, crafted by an outdoor apparel brand that’s name is synonymous with punishing outdoor conditions for a reason: Canada Goose has spent the time and resources to build it better, and it shows.

Never let cold temps hold you back. Building outerwear made strong enough for professionals out there, Canada Goose has parkas engineered for use by scientists doing their work at research facilities in Antarctica. That’s right, honest-to-goodness scientists, doing science things in the overwhelming biting cold that is the South Pole. This is where the pros turn when they’re in need of some quality outdoor apparel, with Canada Goose providing an unbeatable down jacket.

It goes farther than being able to handle subzero conditions. Premium water-resistance ensures that pesky precipitation rolls right off, striking rain and snow out before it ever becomes an issue. Storm flaps on your zippers help keep any unwanted wetness from getting through, along with denying any potential ice from forming and jamming you up.

Not all your options above are hefty weather coats – ultralight jackets sit alongside bulky-yet-active parkas, because you don’t have to go all out even though you’re keen on some insulated down goodness. Refuse to let the backcountry get the best of you and it never will again with your new Canada Goose down jacket – no matter if you’re a scientist, doing sciences thing, or just trying to block out the cold.