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About Camp USA:

With an extensive heritage of making quality climbing gear, CAMP USA continues to research, innovate, and create new items year after year. They have crafted the world’s lightest line of climbing gear by starting with designs that are built to be the best at what they do followed by eliminating any excess weight. What you end up with is lightweight gear that performs beautifully when you need it and in turn, allows you to perform even better when you’re out climbing.

I think someone once said that you can never have too many carabiners in your kit. Fortunately, CAMP USA has plenty of carabiner options to choose from. Whether it’s one with a locking gate that won’t accidentally open or a simple one with a wire gate, you’ll be prepared no matter the situation. For protection, while climbing, their helmets and harnesses are must haves in your climbing bag, no matter what type of climbing you’re doing. There are options for both men and women; the women’s harness is ultra comfortable, versatile, and is designed by women and made for a woman’s build. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into ice climbing, you’re probably going to be needing some additional gear to help you climb safely, like crampons and axes. CAMP USA makes plenty of both, and several of their crampons are designed to fit most technical mountaineering boots.

From belay devices to quickdraws and everything in between, if you’re looking for quality climbing gear that won’t weigh you down, look no further than CAMP USA.