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About Camp Tools:

When you’re in a bind while out camping, camp tools are a true lifesaver. Knives, multi-tools, fire starters, axes, saws and compasses all can turn a mess of a situation into a successful trip in the great outdoors. Camp tools make a great addition to glove compartments, emergency kits and tool boxes. When you need to keep weight to a minimum, camping tarps and shelters are your perfect solution. From ultralight hiking to solo adventures, these outdoor shelters and canopies are super portable, allowing you to be fast and light on your feet. Simple and easy to setup, they are some of the best and lightest available.

Clever designs and innovative ergonomics allow many of these tools to be held in one hand and small enough to drop in your pocket. No need to worry about accidents as they come with a locking mechanism for safety. These utility knives, axes and survival tools are built to last. Made with high-quality materials such as fine leathers, premium stainless steel and burly wood. You’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again. Don’t be surprised if your favorite pocket knife turns into a family heirloom.

Heritage brands such as Swiss Army, Leatherman, Benchmade, Sog and many more have been crafting camp tools for generations. From minimalistic designs to fully tricking out a multipurpose knife with up to twenty-two tools, they are guaranteed to get the job done. Landscaping, camping, climbing, electrical work, woodworking, in case of emergencies, you name it, these camp tools have your back.These rain tarps and shelters are perfect for a variety of activities. From festivals to hiking, backpacking to sporting events, they work well as a rain fly, wind protector, and shade from the sun. High-quality and extremely durable, you’d be hard-pressed to find better ultralight camping shelters out there. From solo trips to group excursions, these are some of the best camping tarps and shelters on the marketing.