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About Camp Kitchen Supplies and Cookware:

For those of you who like to play Top Chef while making grub in the wilderness, we totes mcgotes got you covered from titanium chopsticks to expedition water filters. Available to you and your second cousin for whatever adventures you have planned, like that underwater basket weaving competition, we have an assortment of water bottles, dishes, filters, stoves, and cutlery should you get the munchies or the urge to make a gourmet meal out various tree barks.

Whether you're going to the gym, climbing the Alps, or want to host an interesting game of Flip Cup we have some solid options in terms of containing your beverages. Our Moosejaw BPA-Free Water Bottles and Tumblers come in various styles and sizes to accommodate whatever your preference of H2O consumption: hopping off the treadmill and downing 32 ounces of it, straining it through the grinds of the finest Colombian coffee beans, etc. Also available are cups, mugs, and canteens by CamelBak, MSR, Snowpeak, and Jetboil (name droppin' hell yeah) if you're looking for heavy-duty/ultra camper-ish water storage during your outdoor activities. Stoves. Drop the "s" in the front and back, and rip off the "t"'s arms and you got the word "love", which is what you're gonna be feeling for our nifty little cooking systems. Jetboil and MSR are among some popular brands for chef-campers (or champers, as I like to call them... soft "ch" of course) throughout the land, offering products like fuel tank-powered stoves and all-in-one personal cooking systems. Save the cliff bars for your bliff mars and the drama for your mama, cause you won't be needing either if you have one of these cookers.

As convenient as it would be to take your fridge door with you for filtered water on the spot, it just really doesn't seem all that convenient, and I don't even know who would want to do that. Maybe my neighbor who sleeps on a bed of Styrofoam packaging peanuts. But you're not him. You're you. And we have better ideas for you than the fridge door. If you're in the market for a fancy shmancy water filter and will be needing a lot of water for a lot of people, take a gander over to the Katadyn Expedition Filter. They have some smaller-scale filters too, but this baby is the cat's whiskers. Or, if you're just in need of a little som' som' to get the job done then pack away, Platypus, MSR, and SteriPen offer some quality apparatuses.