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About Camp Electronics:

These days, it’s easy to stay connected in the backcountry thanks to camp electronics. From portable speakers to solar chargers, they provide the power you need wherever you go. Innovative brands like Outdoor Tech and Goal Zero has designed and constructed some of the most durable, lightweight solutions for chargers and audio equipment. Keep the good times rollin’, the tunes flowin’ and your gadgets chargin’ with some high-tech outdoor electronics.

These portable electronics can go everywhere. Water-resistant, wireless speakers are perfect for your next pool party or river tubing trip. Rugged speakers can handle the rough and tumble life of an outdoorsman while providing high-quality audio. Solar chargers and battery packs ensure you’re never without extra juice for your phone or tablet. Many of these portable chargers are able to handle multiple devices at once. Headphones stay in place and are super comfortable even during strenuous activities.

Focus on the views instead of worrying about battery life. The music doesn’t have to stop thanks to these innovative electronic gadgets for outdoor activities. Getting away from the city no longer means getting away from power outlets. Keep yourself charged and ready so you have enough juice to take photos, use a GPS and play some tunes around the campfire. Thanks to innovative camp electronics and accessories, the power is literally in your hands.