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GoPro HERO6 Black Camera

HERO6 Black Camera

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About Bike Cameras:

Boy, do I love cameras! I have about 4,000 pictures and videos from this past weekend alone, and I didn't even leave my house. I just love to capture every moment, from the food I'm eating to the weather outside; I've probably uploaded 10 pictures to online before you finished reading this sentence. In fact, I even videotaped my drive into work this morning.

Being the camera expert that I am, I have to tell you about a camera that is fantastic for capturing awesome moments: sports cameras. Sports cameras are the best for capturing all the great activities and sick tricks you do outside. Whether that be hiking or cycling, Moosejaw carries HD sports cameras so you are sure to get whatever you want in high quality. Even if you just videotape yourself eating a sandwich with one of our HD outdoor cameras, you'll get that video so in HD you can see through the sandwich. Well that's not true, but it will be in great quality.

Now, if you're a sick BMX bike rider or just your average cyclist wanting to capture your daily ride, at Moosejaw we have great quality bicycle cameras that will get all your favorite moments. And the great thing about bike cameras is that a lot of them are point-of-view cameras, so you can capture the experience of biking almost like it were through your own eyes. POV cameras have caused me to spend countless hours of my free time on the internet watching really cool online cycling videos, which somehow eventually lead me to watching a video of a cat play with yarn in the end. Really though, you can use point of view cameras for anything, so if you want to videotape yourself eating a bowl of cereal (or a really great sandwich) you're golden.

Some people use outdoor cameras as hiking camera too, which capture all the awesome aspects of nature. Because of hiking cameras, I've never had to step outdoors into a forest in my life. If I want to witness the beauty of outdoors, I just type in ""POV hiking camera video"" into a search engine, and when I want to be real fancy I'll type in ""Rocky Mountains"" or someplace pretty. I can almost virtually smell the fresh air.

Of course, because Moosejaw is committed to make everyone's life easier, we carry camera mounts so you don't have to lug around a camera in your hands the whole time. Camera mounts come as helmet camera mounts or handlebar camera mounts, keeping your camera secure at all times. And when you're done capturing whatever you're doing for that day, Moosejaw has great outdoor camera cases that keep your camera extra safe from the elements of the outdoors.

Well, Moosejaw's outdoor cameras are high quality and capture high definition video so you're sports activities will look like they were professionally done. Checkout the different types of sports cameras we have and be sure to check out all the great accessories you can get with them like camera cases and mounts. The video of me eating a sandwich with my outdoor camera (because I ate it outside) has almost 1 million views on the Internet.