Camelbak Hydration Pack and accessories
Camelbak Hydration Pack and accessories


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About Camelbak:

Originators of hands-free hydration packs, Camelbak straight up dominates the outdoor sports hydration market. That sounds super intense, but when you consider there’s a dreary, alternate universe where Camelbak hydration packs weren't invented, those alternate universe athletes - like bikers, hikers, and runners - would not have the luxury of keeping their hands free and their thirsts quenched. Luckily, this is not some dark mirror universe, and you’re looking at a brand that is awfully smart and inventive, making it so athletes all around the world can stay healthy and hydrated any time they wish.

Looking for a versatile and all-around capable Camelbak backpack? Set your attention to the HydroBak Pack. Great to use for a multitude of different activities, you’ll find a low-profile design so that it lays comfortably on your back and doesn't get in the way of your helmet. Going to be out there for a while? Your HydroBak can hang tough for 1-2 hours before needing a refill, which is so great.

But maybe you’re apt to really attack the outdoors, and performance is the name of the game. The Camelbak Mule is their signature hydration pack, built for the intense mountain biker or hiker who intends to spend some quality time out there. The reservoir holds one-hundred ounces of liquid, working to keep you hydrated for 3 or more hours. Add to that the fact of the reservoir itself being insulated, meaning your liquids stay cool for hours on end.

Not content to deal solely in hydration packs, the brand has expanded to include a number of extra capable items, like a Camelbak water bottle or tumbler. 100% free of BPA, BPS and BPF, top rack dishwasher safe and sleek and easy to hold, these bad boys keep your thirst quenched no matter where life takes you.

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