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About Burton Snowboard Jackets and Boards on Sale:

Yes, it's hard to believe. Snowboarding master and legend Burton Sale is featured on the Moosejaw website! It's not very often we're able to run exclusive profiles and interviews featuring industry stars such as him, so we are well aware of the importance of this occasion. Burton Sale! Can you believe it?

What's that? There is literally no one named Burton Sale but in fact we just have really great clearance level prices on Burton apparel and gear? Perhaps we should do research before starting an entire paragraph talking up a snowboarding personality that doesn't exist? Yes, believe it or not. These are all true.

So what does that mean for you? It means that you have a chance to grab some of that same high-quality Burton gear you know and love but for on the cheap prices. It means your season down the slope will be a bit grander this year thanks to the extra Burton swag you can grab without putting a serious hurt on your wallet. From jackets and boots to beanies and boards, it's all here.

But not for long. If it's on sale, that means we're firmly in "while supplies last" territory. Don't be shy. If we know Burton Sale (and we don't) we know he's all about acting fast. So take the lead from a legend and get a little more Burton in your life, just at a nice discount.