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About Burton Snowboard Gear and Apparel for Kids:

When those pesky little rascals of yours need to be warm, look no further then Burton. Undoubtedly they've become huge fans of snowboarding and with you, their parents, being fans of Moosejaw, you know we carry the best from Burton. Burton snowboard jackets and Burton snowboard pants are the perfect combination for your favorite child, or children.

Your kid needs to stay warm and kids' Burton snowboard jackets are made with the warmest materials using technologically advanced methods, perfect for showing your kid how much you care. We all like to support our kids in whatever they do, and let's face it, they will fall down. Protect your kids from the harsh conditions of the slopes, Burton snowboard jackets for kids are waterproof, insulated and flippin' cool looking, your kid will be the coolest on the mountain, and you will be the coolest parent in the lodge. Check out a pair of kids' Burton snowboard pants, they're also waterproof and insulated, warm and dry is the name of the game. They have these cool attachment points so that they can be hooked up with a kids' Burton snowboard jacket, making them almost snow proof. Keeping your little one's head and ears warm is important, even though we wish they didn't hear everything we said, those ears will prove useful to them later in life, keep them warm with Kids Burton Hats, the coolest hats known to man.

So your kid needs so new threads for the school year? Moosejaw has the hook up on sick Burton hoodies sweaters for kids. Kids Burton hoodies will make your little dude or dudette look the part of being the coolest kid in school. Comfort and fit are good things to look for in kids clothing, and kids' Burton shirts are made by laid off angels, so you know your kid is in good clothes. I may or may not be lying about the angels. But I am serious that Burton shirts are comfortable, your kid will love it.

Moosejaw has kids' Burton outerwear and kids' Burton clothing for boys and girls. I may have even thrown in a couple things for a large toddler. Whatever you seek, Burton for kids is a good place to look, with cool colors and awesome designs, say hello to the popular kid.