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Burton Clothing

You already rock Burton products on the slopes, and you'd also look a whole lot cooler if you rocked Burton gear on the streets. But, that's just my personal opinion, I cannot guarantee it, guaranteed. Either way, if you haven't checked out some of the best clothes to ever be sewn, you should. Burton baby, Burton.

I say Burton and you say snowboard, how about I say Burton and you say clothes, Yes, clothes. you need some new clothes, check out things like Burton hoodies, Burton sweaters, Burton shirts, Burton pants, Burton long underwear and most importantly, Burton socks. I'm thinking you should check this stuff out. Whatever you need, there's some Burton for everyone.

Burton hoodies: like regular hoodies with Burton labels right? Wrong. More like hoodies made with warm fabrics, mixes of cotton polyester and fleece. Hoodies made with hidden pockets for music players. Hoodies made with all kinds of pockets, hidden and visible. Warm, awesome, stylish Burton Hoodies. So awesome, there are also hoodies without hoods, otherwise affectionately known as sweaters.

Burton Sweaters are so warm, when the heat at Moosejaw decided to take a day off, we rummaged the warehouse and grabbed some Burton sweaters. Needless to say no one was cold. So lucky. Burton sweaters for Men and Women, Boys and Girls, maybe I should call them to make some for Cats and Dogs.

Burton shirts need little to no introduction, with styles like v-necks and crew necks, tanks, short and long sleeve, the awesomeness is proven by the Burton logo on the tag. Burton shirts are great fitting, awesome feeling, and even better looking. Burton Shirts feature either crazy designs or a simple logo, whatever your taste, you're bound to be the envy of your friends. Who knows you might even look good enough to attract the stare of a special someone.

Burton makes pants also, like jeans, khakis, shorts, capris, leggings, things of that sort. Do I need to explain more. They're pants, made by Burton, so they're Burton Pants, and they're at Moosejaw, waiting for you.

So you're probably going to need some good base layers before you head out, for those warm layering pieces, look no further then Burton long underwear. Many Burton long underwear pieces feature DRYRIDE Ultrawick fabric instead of cotton. You see cotton soaks up your sweat and then freezes solid, DRYRIDE fabrics push the sweat away from your body keeping you dry and warm. Pair Burton long underwear pieces with Burton Socks and you'll be warm, dry, toasty and happy all day long.


Burton Clothes