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About Burley Bike Trailers:

For decades now, Burley has led the charge in child bicycle trailers, making it their mission to provide the world with a product of unparalleled quality and durability. This sort of attention to detail means Burley ensures the safest product possible, using new innovations and technologies to constantly provide trailers that will always be trustworthy and dependable.

The name Burley hasn't always been tantamount to bike trailers, though. But it didn't take long for an enterprising young father to take a great homemade bicycle trailer and build some serious momentum. In the 1970's, Alan Scholz wanted a sturdy and safe way to transport his young daughter around Eugene, Oregon. It didn't take long for his robust design to catch on, and decades later Burley imbues their product line with the same level of passion as they did with the very first trailer.

Even though the Burley brand is most well known for their trademark trailers, they have plenty more to offer. Racks, covers and bags are all a part of their varied selection of biking goods, ensuring you have everything you need for your trailer travels.

The mission at Burley is simple: Encourage active lifestyles along the exciting path ahead. Thanks to a wealth of care put into the pursuit of outdoor, on the trail adventures, you have a partner in cycling satisfaction. That partner is Burley.